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We welcome you to our Web Site. Our goal is
to offer helpful information about ourselves and the various choices available regarding the funeral process, all in a place that lets you set your own pace and be your own guide.
Since our opening in 1924, we have focused on providing quality and value, knowing that the best way to remain in business in the future is to take extraordinary care of the people we are serving today. It is a simple philosophy that has served us well all of the years that we have been in business here in Paintsville.

As the oldest  funeral home in the area, we know that the most valuable thing we possess cannot be seen or touched - it is your goodwill toward us.

We hope our web site proves to be a convenient tool for your use. We would appreciate any comments that could help us be more helpful to you and others who are looking for answers within the following pages.

A new parking lot is underway for Preston Funeral Home.It will be
located right next to the funeral home.
We have returned "Time and Temperature"
to Paintsville and Johnson County.
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